why your AC isn't working-AC repair Mississauga

Summer without AC is quite difficult. Scorching heat would only bring discomfort and unpleasant feelings to you. If your AC doesn’t work well in summer, you need to ensure that you get it repaired on an immediate basis, so that your comfort is restored on time.

However, knowing the probable reasons why your AC doesn’t work might help you to keep these issues away, and hence ensure that your comfort level isn’t compromised.

Major reasons why your AC stops working

Checkout some of the most probable reasons why your AC stops working below.

1) Clogging of air filters: This is one of the most probable reasons for your ac not working. Your air filters, if not replaced timely might get clogged.

The debris and dust particles start settling on the air filters, and when they aren’t replaced, these particles clog the air filter.

Hence, the first probable reason for your AC not working efficiently or not working at all; the clogging of air filters.

2) Thermostat not working: Make sure that you check your thermostat as soon as your AC stops working. Check if the thermostat display is working or not, then checkout the battery of the thermostat.

Also, check if the corrosion or debris has acquired the thermostat. These particles are major reasons why the thermostat stops working.

3) Tripping of circuit breaker: The tripped circuit breaker doesn’t allow the AC to turn on. Hence, if your AC isn’t working well, make sure that you check the circuit breaker.

Circuit breaker usually trips due to the overloading of the same. Hence, if your circuit breaker is tripping regularly, try shutting off the other appliances that might be causing this issue. Also, do reach out to professionals and get this issue resolved without wasting any time.

4) Problems with power cord: Sometimes, the issue is much less severe than assumed. Hence, when your AC stops working, checkout the power cord once. The power cord can wear down, or anything like a loose connection might be an issue here.

Check the power cord, and if you find it damaged, replace it. Depending on the damage, you might have to reach out to the electrician to get the power cord damage resolved.

You now know some of the most probable reasons why your AC isn’t working. Summer without AC is really difficult but knowing the probable reasons for AC failure might be a major help to you in terms of keeping the issues with your AC away.

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