The filter in your furnace is the most crucial element. It ensures that your furnace circulates dust-free air in your room. Hence, a furnace filter not only maintains your hygiene but also helps the furnace to work efficiently.
furnace filter
However, the issue of the furnace filter getting clogged frequently isn’t uncommon. Furnace filter clogging not only restricts the functionality of the furnace but also degrades the hygiene quality at your premises. Hence, if your furnace filter gets clogged frequently, you must know the reasons for it so that you can find out the resolves for it efficiently.

Our HVAC repair Brampton team lists certain common reasons for furnace filters getting clogged frequently. Hence, if your furnace filter is troubling you every now and then, this blog might be just useful to you.

What makes the furnace filter get clogged frequently?

Checkout the most probable reasons for the furnace filter getting clogged frequently.

1) Excessive pollutants in the air: One of the most probable reasons for the furnace filter getting clogged is the excessive pollutants in the air.

A recent renovation at the home or some construction work might increase the pollutant amount at your home, which could eventually cause the furnace filter to get clogged.

Hence, if your furnace filter is getting clogged every now and then, excessive pollutant particles at your home might be the cause.

2) The temperature outside is much colder than usual:  Of course, the furnace is meant to provide the heat in a cooler region. But, if the temperature is much cooler than usual, you would obviously keep the furnace on for a prolonged timeframe.

This excessive cooling timeframe would increase the load on your furnace, which would get the filter clogged.

As the furnace filter keeps on operating for a prolonged time period, it accumulates more dust and dirt. This dust and dirt get the filter to get clogged.

3) The filter quality is low: The low filter quality is another primary reason for the filter getting clogged every now and then.

Hence, if you are investing in the filter, ensure that you maintain the quality with it. Those cheap filters might tempt you at the initial level, but it is an invitation to the increased costs at the later stage.

So, how do you avoid this situation? Stop believing in low-quality products now.

4) Wear & tear of the fan: Constant running of the fan often causes the filter to get clogged.

This is the reason that our furnace repair Brampton team recommends keeping the furnace in the auto mode rather than always keeping it on.

When you keep the furnace on auto mode, the furnace turns on only during the heating cycle. While when the furnace is always kept on, it always keeps the fan on and hence causes the wear & tear of the fan. Eventually, the filter gets clogged and starts throwing unhygienic air.

5) Dirt and dust in the air ducts: When the dust particles acquire the air ducts, the furnace filter is unable to circulate the pure air, which ultimately gets it clogged.

Hence, if your furnace filter gets clogged every now and then, get the air ducts of your filter checked.

A furnace filter is undoubtedly the most crucial element of your filter. If you don’t take care of it, it would trouble you with poor air quality.

Rest, if your furnace requires professional attention, and if you are looking for someone reliable, our furnace repair team in Brampton is your definite answer. Allow our experienced team to visit you and restore your furnace in the best condition.

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