Uneven cooling of an air conditioner is perhaps the most common and frustrating issue that troubles numerous homeowners. It not only gives you that sense of discomfort but also brings unnecessary repair expenses for you.

However, it’s necessary that you know the correct ways to get rid of uneven cooling, and that too at fewer expenses. What are they? This blog explains them further on.

Top ways to get rid of uneven cooling

1) Switching the fan from auto to on: This is perhaps the most reliable way to get rid of uneven cooling at your home. The auto state of the fan regulates the air according to the environment, which often implies uneven cooling.

Hence, if you are experiencing uneven cooling, it’s better that you switch the fan from auto to on. It would ensure constant temperature and hence equal cooling all over the time.

2) Using the air vents: Air vents are another common reason for the uneven cooling of the AC. Check if the vents are dirty or blocked, and see if debris is building around the same. If so, make sure to get the air vents cleaned.

Navigating the air vents appropriately is also a way to get rid of the uneven cooling of your air conditioner. Ultimately, your vents have to function efficiently, and in a balanced way to throw equal cool air in all the directions.

3) Adding insulation: Inadequate insulation is another common reason for uneven cooling in your home. Hence, you can add more insulation here. It would keep the cool air inside and hot air outside.

Inadequate insulation often makes you compromise with the cool air, and also brings uneven air cooling alongside it. Also, be sure to stay aligned with the ideal insulation norms and guidelines.

4) Get the zoning system installed: Yes, a zoning system will demand some heavy investment, but with the benefits that it comes alongside, getting it installed is absolutely worth it.

The zoning system allows you to directly control the temperature of individual zones of your home, which ensures even cooling at your home.

Hence, the next reliable way of getting rid of uneven cooling, get the zoning system installed.

Uneven cooling at your home won’t trouble you for a prolonged timeframe now. Yes, uneven cooling is frustrating, but keeping the above tips in your mind and nailing them would make things easy for you considerably.

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