It’s difficult to imagine winters without a furnace. Hence, the efficient maintenance of the furnace is a must to ensure that your winters are cozy.

However, there are several furnace myths that are required to be busted. Several homeowners believe these myths, and hence mess up the furnace maintenance part. This blog by our HVAC contractors in Brampton clears these myths in this blog.

5 Furnace myths debunked

furnace repair myths

Check out some of the major furnace myths about the furnace along with the facts below.

1) Setting the thermostat too high will warm the room faster: People usually set the thermostat too high with the thought that it will heat the room faster. People feel that it is the fastest way to heat the room, but the reality widely varies.

Remember, the rate at which the furnace delivers the heat is constant, and hence setting the thermostat too high won’t make any difference here. In fact, it will make the furnace consume more energy, and hence reduce the furnace efficiency in the long run.

2) An efficient furnace alone is enough to save your energy bills: Yes, an efficient furnace is a must to save your energy bills, but an efficient furnace alone isn’t sufficient at all.

Several other factors like efficient insulation, the way you handle the furnace, etc. play a crucial role in saving your energy bills. Yes, you can do your research and select the best and highly efficient furnace but ensure that you stay clear with other factors too.

3) Bigger furnaces are more efficient: Furnace size has nothing to do with the efficiency of the furnace. However, selecting the right furnace size is extremely important to ensure that the furnace works efficiently.

Hence, bigger furnaces by no means imply that you are using the most efficient furnaces available in the market. In fact, choosing the bigger furnace even when it’s not required would bring higher energy bills and inefficient heating to your home.

4) Regular furnace maintenance is just not required: We understand the frustration and halt that regular furnace maintenance brings alongside it, but it is a necessary thing for your furnace.

Regular furnace maintenance will increase the lifespan of your furnace and prevent it from breaking down in the winters. If you aren’t regular with the furnace maintenance, you are playing with the furnace lifespan, and most probably, staring at the uncomfortable winters.

5) Closing the registers in unused rooms save bills: This is another common myth acquiring the person’s mind when it comes to the furnace. In fact, closing the registers would simply cause pressure imbalance, which imparts stress on the furnace operation.

Hence, if you have been thinking that closing the register is actually helping you to save energy bills, you need to think again as it is only making the furnace work harder.

If you believed any of the above myths about the furnace, our HVAC contractors in Brampton have made them clear.

The above myths can actually make you go wrong with furnace maintenance, which is definitely a serious concern. Hence, if you believed in any of the above myths listed above, it’s time to stop believing them.

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