insulated home

There are numerous factors playing a decisive role in maintaining the temperature of your home. Insulation of your home is one of them.

When your home is poorly insulated, there will be poor regulation of temperature, which would mean the degradation of your comfort. Yes, the insulation of every home is different, but the poor insulation simply never allows you to feel comfortable.

However, most homeowners aren’t aware of the solutions when it comes to a poorly insulated home. Our HVAC repair Brampton team explains them in this blog.

What is insulation?

Firstly, you must know what does insulation means? Insulation implies a material used in the wall or attic space that subsides the loss of heat. Hence, it keeps the rooms cooler in the summer.

In other words, insulation regulates the overall temperature of the home and gives the homeowners a cozy feeling.

Is your home poorly insulated?

There are certain factors that clearly signify the fact that your home is poorly insulated. What are they? Check them out.

1) Extremes of everything: If winters are too cool and summers are way too hot at your home, your home is poorly insulated.

2) The inconsistent temperature at your home: If you are noticing that one room of your home is warm, and the other is quite cold, it is a strong sign of poor insulation. Inconsistent temperature is one of the strongest signs of poor insulation, and if you feel it, you by no means should ignore it.

3) Pipes freezing: Frozen pipes are another strong sign of poorly insulated homes. It implies that the exterior of your wall isn’t efficiently insulated.

4) High bills: If your heating and cooling bills are way too higher than they should be, it is another strong sign of poor home insulation.

The solutions for poorly insulated home

Yes, the poorly insulated home makes things difficult in several aspects, but there are some rigid ways to solve this issue.

1) Using draft stoppers: The first and a reliable way to prevent the cold air from entering your home is to use the draft stopper. A draft stopper implies a cloth tube placed on the base of windows or doors to prevent cool air from entering the home. Additionally, it prevents warm air from escaping your home and hence keeps your home warm.

2) Using plastic seals: Another reliable solution is to add plastic seals to the windows. Plastic seals are affixed to the window frame. These large pieces of plastic prevent the cold air from entering your home, which ensures a cozy and warm feeling for you in the chilly winters.

Using plastic seals is a great move when your home is poorly insulated. It can actually instill comfort at your home considerably.

3) Use thermal curtains: Thermal curtains are an amazing way to keep your room warm and save energy. If the reports are to be believed, thermal curtains can save the energy of your home by 40%, which is a big plus along with comfort.

4) Ductless HVAC system: Ductless HVAC system allows supplemental heating and cooling. You can get the ductless HVAC system installed at your home to ensure that heating at your home is efficient.

5) Keep your HVAC system well-maintained: Keeping your HVAC system well-maintained is the least you can do when your home is poorly insulated. An inefficient HVAC system won’t allow your furnace to work efficiently which would make things worse for you. Our HVAC repair Brampton team highly recommends that you keep your HVAC system well-maintained.

Yes, a poorly insulated home is a major cause of several discomforts but keeping the above tips in your mind can solve this issue to a considerable extent. As mentioned, our HVAC contractors in Brampton highly recommend that you keep your HVAC system well-maintained as it will solve a majority of issues.

If your HVAC system requires maintenance or professional attention due to any other aspect, you can count on our emergency HVAC repair service Brampton team. Our experienced team ensures that your comfort isn’t compromised at all. To contact us, reach out to our team at 416-844-4783