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Central home air conditioning systems always tempt homeowners. Of course, there are a number of benefits to the same. Having a central AC system can help you out considerably, specifically, if you stay in hot & humid areas.

However, there are both, pros and cons of a central AC system that you must be aware of before deciding if you should go with it or not.

Pros of central AC

Some major reasons that central AC is gaining immense popularity all over the world are as follows.

1) Quiet operation: The first and the major benefit of central AC is the quiet operation that it follows. Hence, that annoying sound that a normal AC release won’t be troubling you anymore.

Hence, if enjoying cool air without any interruption of that annoying noise is your priority, central AC is your definite answer.

2) Quality of air: Clean quality of air is extremely important. The good air quality keeps you away from all sorts of respiratory diseases.

A Central AC system implies a great quality of air, which eventually keeps you away from all sorts of health hazards. Hence, with central AC, you aren’t required about the quality of air at all.

3) Consistency: This is one of the most important benefits of a central AC system. You aren’t required to worry about the temperature at all. You can stay assured of the fact that the AC will be consistent with cooling over a consistent time period.

With central AC, it’s all about setting your temperature once. It will consistently flow throughout your home.

Cons of central AC

Every coin has two sides. Hence, central AC has both, pros and cons too. Now, when you know the pros of central AC, let’s checkout some cons of the same.

1) Limited flexibility: With a central air conditioning system, you get limited flexibility, specifically, in terms of controlling the temperature.

If controlling the temperature individually in different rooms is on your radar, central AC might not be your best bet.

2) Increased energy bills: Central ac functions in every corner of your home, which means that it consumes much more energy as compared to a usual air conditioner. As it consumes more energy, the energy bills will be higher too.

The energy bills with central AC are way higher as compared to that of an individual unit. Hence, if higher energy bills might be your concern at the later stage, make sure that you stay away from central AC.

3) Ductwork requirement: In case, you don’t have ductwork, you will have to get it installed, which would increase your overall cost considerably. Also, the duct will require special management, which again would mean enhanced costs for you.

Deciding if central AC is for you or not will be easy now. Yes, central AC comes with both, pros and cons and it’s on your requirements and preferences when it comes to taking a call.

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