Carbon monoxide (CO) is one of the most dangerous and unsafe gases. It can cause severe breathing problems, or tissue damage, and in certain cases, death too. What’s worse? This gas is difficult to detect.

You must know that your furnace can leak carbon monoxide gas too. There are numerous homeowners who face severe health issues as they fail to recognize the carbon monoxide leaks from their furnace.

Thankfully, there are some reliable and proven ways to ensure that carbon monoxide leaks stay away from the furnace. Our emergency HVAC repair Brampton team explains them in this blog.

5 Ways to keep carbon monoxide leak away from your furnace

Checkout some of the best ways to prevent carbon monoxide leaks from your furnace below.

1) Be regular with the furnace maintenance: One of the most reliable and efficient things you can do to ensure that your furnace doesn’t leak CO is to be regular with the furnace maintenance.

The maintenance implies the technician entirely checks the furnace and detects any sort of defect. Also, the entire system will be thoroughly cleaned, which would avoid any such issues in the future.

2) Keep changing the air filters at regular intervals: One major cause of the carbon monoxide leak from the furnace is the air filter getting clogged. Hence, the regular change of the air filter becomes quite important here.

Hence, the next step to ensure that the CO gas doesn’t get leaked at least due to the air filter is to keep on changing the air filters at regular intervals & at the right time.

3) Carbon monoxide detectors are important: A carbon monoxide detector is one of the most crucial elements of the furnace. Sadly, not many homeowners take care of it.

What a carbon monoxide detector does is that it warns you when the CO level goes up than it should. Hence, you can get an alert before it’s too late and then take timely action.

Hence, whenever you notice that CO is giving you some strange signs, turn off the furnace immediately and reach out to the technicians on an immediate basis.

4) Ensure that the furnace is installed properly: Certain times, the inefficient installation of the blower motor gives issues to carbon monoxide vents. It results in the furnace leaking the carbon monoxide gas.

Hence, it’s always wise to ensure from the beginning that the furnace installation is up to the mark. A slight mistake in the furnace installation can cause some serious problems like the leakage of the CO gas.

5) Know the signs of CO leakage: This might sound obvious, but sadly, most people aren’t aware of the signs that CO leakage gives.

If you are noticing soot-like stains around your furnace is a strong sign of CO leakage. Although the CO gas doesn’t release any smell, our HVAC contractors in Brampton recommend getting weird and unusual smells reported to the technicians on an immediate basis.

Also, the pilot light in your furnace has to be blue. If it is yellowish, it might be a CO leak.

CO gas leakage is a serious issue. The primary challenge with the CO gas leakage is to recognize the gas.

However, keeping the above tips in your mind and nailing them would make it easy for you to prevent CO gas leakage at all.

If you are noticing CO leakage from your furnace, or if your furnace requires any sort of professional attention, you can count on our emergency HVAC repair Brampton team to do the job right for you. Our team would be quick to visit you and restore your furnace in the best working condition. To reach out to us, call our team at 416-844-4783.