AC installers in BramptonAC is your primary source when it comes to making your summer comfortable. However, when AC stops working, the scorching heat of the summer actually is really frustrating.

There can be various reasons for your AC not working, and inefficient AC installation is one of them. Inefficient AC installation implies a major drawback, which restricts it from working.

But how do recognize that if AC installation at your place is inefficient? This blog lists and explains some of the major signs of the same.

Top signs of incorrect AC installation

Checkout some of the major signs of incorrect AC installation below.

1) Incorrect placement of thermostat: This is one of the most common causes or say signs of incorrect AC installation. In numerous cases, the thermostat is in direct contact with the sun, which might imply an enhanced load on your AC, and hence not allowing to work it with full efficiency. Enhanced load is extremely dangerous for your AC when the long-term aspect is taken into consideration.

If you notice the incorrect placement of the thermostat, we highly recommend that you get it sorted by reaching out to the professionals.

2) It wasn’t done by the certified technicians: Well, getting your ac installed by the certified technicians is a must. You can’t expect it from someone who isn’t skilled or say qualified enough to install the ac with the utmost efficiency.

If your AC isn’t working efficiently, and if it has been installed by the non-certified technicians, we highly recommend that you get the installation checked once again by the certified technicians and get the same fixed.

3) Issues with the airflow: This is another common sign of poor AC installation. The efficient installation of the air ducts is a must to ensure that airflow is regulated. If it’s not, you will be facing the issue of inefficient airflow.

The airflow is required to be installed in a way such that your system is able to operate properly and ensure efficient cooling for you.

Hence, if the unregulated airflow has been your issue, you can reach out to the professionals and get the AC installation checked.

4) Absence of secondary drip pan: A secondary drip pan does the job of collecting water that your AC releases after condensation. If a secondary drip pan is absent in your AC, it is a sign of incorrect AC installation.

If you notice that the secondary drip pan is absent, ensure that you get it installed as it will complete your AC. Also, the absence of a secondary drip pan increases the chances of air leaks, which necessitates the presence of this part in your AC.

We hope that you are now clear with some of the major signs of incorrect AC installation. If you are noticing any of them, make sure to reach out to the professionals, and get them sorted.

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