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Just a couple of months, and high temperature is all set to frustrate us. All thanks to our air conditioner for ensuring that these tough times don’t trouble us a lot. However, is your AC ready to provide you comfort during those tough times?

No surprises! But, your AC does require certain things to get ready to battle against the heatwave. Remember, it hasn’t been used for a considerable timeframe which necessitates that you give it proper maintenance before the summer arrives.

This blog by our experts explains some of the best ways to get your AC ready for summer. Just keep reading and ensure that heat doesn’t trouble you in the summer.

Best ways to get your AC ready for summer

So, how do you get your AC ready for the scorching heat? Checkout the answers below.

1) Get the air filters cleaned or replaced: First and foremost, you need to get the air filters of your AC checked. The clogged air filter can actually work as a hindrance to the airflow and hence be a strong reason for poor regulation of the air.

The thumb rule says that your filters must be professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Once before the summer is an ideal time to get the filter cleaned. Hence the first and the most important tip to get your AC ready for summer; get your air filters cleaned and replace them (if required).

2) Prepare your thermostat: Next, you need to check your thermostat and see if it is in the proper working condition. You can even consider getting the smart thermostat to enhance your comfort and hence ensure cozy summer. Also, we highly recommend that you replace the thermostat batteries so that they don’t trouble you in summer.

Ultimately, your thermostat must be quick enough to change temperatures quickly. Ensure that any defects with the thermostat are resolved efficiently before the summer arrives.

3) Check the outdoor coil: The outdoor coil is one element of your AC that is always susceptible to debris and dust particles. Hence, ensure that the outdoor coil of your unit is completely free from all sorts of dust.

If you feel that there is dust present, you can lightly rinse the same gently with some water. Be sure to be extremely gentle here.

4) Check duct: The duct allows the cool air to flow in your home and circulates the warm air back to the registers. The blocking of ducts might not allow the proper airflow in the room.

Hence, check the duct before summers arrive and clean it to eliminate any sort of blockage to its functionality.

Checking the duct and setting it free from all sorts of blockages is extremely crucial, and make sure that you don’t miss out on it.

5) Test your AC: It’s highly recommended that you test your AC at least once before the summer arrives. Keep your air conditioner for some time and see if the airflow is regulated.

Test the factors like there is no strange noise or odour from your AC, the filters are up to the mark, the ducts are cleaned, etc. Testing your AC will help you identify the defects and hence get them resolved before things go worse.

An air conditioner is the most important weapon in terms of fighting against the scorching heat. Keeping the above tips in your mind would subside the chances of your AC going down in the middle of the summer considerably.

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