Furnace stop cycling

Furnace getting turned off within a few seconds or minutes is a mighty cause of discomfort in winters. Furnace stop cycling is one of the most commonly reported issues that furnace repair Brampton experts come across.

However, most people don’t have any clue about furnace stop cycling. But, you must know about it to ensure that you take timely actions to combat it. Remember, furnace stop cycling requires no time to become worse, and hence taking time actions to solve it is a must.

What is furnace stop cycling?

Furnace stop cycling is defined as the furnace turning on and off without the thermostat reaching the set temperature. This on and off cycle might occur in the intervals of a few seconds, or a few minutes. Either way, furnace stop cycling snatches away all comfort from a person in the chilly winters.

Furnace stop cycling is a complicated issue to address. Firstly, figuring out this solution is an uphill task. If you do it, the onus is on you to ensure that you reach out to the professionals on an immediate basis and get it fixed.

What causes the furnace stop cycling?

Now, when you know the furnace stop cycling meaning, let’s understand the causes of furnace stop cycling.

1) Incorrect furnace size: This is one of the most common reasons for the furnace stop cycling. It usually comes into the picture when the furnace is oversized.

The oversized furnace throws hot air in much more quantity than required, and hence the short cycling occurs in the timeframe of every 5 minutes. Rapid heating cycles actually play with the distribution of the heat, and all in a negative way.

Hence, if you are about to select a furnace, it’s crucial that you select the right furnace size for your home.

2) Fault in the flame sensor: This is another common reason for the furnace stop cycling. The contaminated flame sensor doesn’t detect the flames or natural gas in your furnace.

The thin layer of dust on the flame sensor is another major reason for the flame sensor not recognizing the flames and the furnace turning off every now and then.

The only way to avoid this issue is to ensure that the flame sensor stays in the best possible form is to ensure that it stays clean. Never allow the dust to get stuck on the flame sensor.

3) Faulty thermostat: Firstly, the installation of the thermostat has to be right. It has to be in the centre. And you must not install it near the door, windows, etc.

Additionally, ensure that the furnace isn’t installed near a heating device, as it won’t allow the furnace to detect the correct temperature.

Furnace near the windows will detect heat from the sun and hence detect the incorrect temperature.

Hence, if your furnace is turning on and off at regular intervals, your thermostat might be at the fault.

4) Fault with the air filters: The dirty air filter restricts the airflow which ultimately overheats the furnace, and shuts it off completely.

However, this situation can be easily avoided by ensuring that you get your filter checked and replaced at regular intervals. Make sure that the filter doesn’t gets clogged at any stage.

Replacing the filter at regular intervals is one of the most reliable ways to ensure that the furnace stop cycling stays away.

5) Furnace overheating: Frequent overheating of the furnace is another common issue that causes the furnace stop cycling.

Faulty temperature monitors reduce the efficiency of the furnace and hence cause the furnace stop cycling.

Hence, if you are noticing that your furnace is getting overheated, our furnace repair Brampton team highly recommends that you get it fixed by professionals as soon as possible so that the furnace stop cycling stays away from your furnace.

Furnace stop cycling is much more dangerous than it actually seems. If you are noticing that your furnace is turning on and off every now and then, reach out to the professionals without any delay.

If your furnace stop cycling is troubling your furnace, and if you feel that it requires professional attention, you can count on our emergency furnace repair Brampton team to get things sorted with ease and efficiently. To reach out to our team and get the furnace stop cycling resolved from the best, contact us at 416-844-4783.