5 signs that your furnace requires replacement

The furnace is a device with which you cannot compromise at any cost. After all, it is your companion when it comes to getting some warmth in chilly winters. However, figuring out if your existing furnace system isn’t doing so well, and you need a replacement is tough. That is why our furnace repair experts in Mississauga are here to give you clarity about the same.

Thus, if you are confused if you require a new furnace, you are at the right place. Read out this blog entirely to help yourself out.

Do you require a new furnace?

Check out the top signs that you require a new furnace below.

1) The age of your furnace: The thumb rule says that if your furnace is more than 15 years old, you need to replace it.

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The 15 years is the timeframe when your furnace expires. Even if your furnace is working well after 15 years of usage, we recommend you changing it to avoid any sort of sudden hazard.

If you are reluctant to replace your furnace, at least, get it serviced at regular intervals. This will keep you aware of the defects, if any, and ensure that you get them resolved at the earliest. But, our first recommendation; just to change your furnace once it crosses 15 years.

2) If your furnace demands frequent repairs: If your furnace is asking for attention at regular intervals, it is a strong sign that it demands frequent repairs.

Also, if the furnace repair cost is more than 50% of the furnace purchase, it’s time to get it replaced. Just analyze the timeframe and the repair cost of the last two years and see whether it has been frequent, and high. If you find it frequent and high, now is the time for furnace replacement.

3) The energy bills: Yes, the furnace eats up energy, but if you are noticing an exponential rise in the energy bills, something is wrong with it.

An exponential rise in the energy bill is a strong indication of the fact that your furnace requires replacement.

All the money you are paying to clear up the increased bills can be effectively used to purchase a new furnace. If you are noticing an exponential rise in your energy bills, be an early bird, get your furnace checked, and if something is found wrong, get it replaced on an immediate basis.

4) If your furnace is releasing strong & weird noises: If your furnace makes strange, irritating, and unknown sounds, it’s time that you consider replacing your furnace.

Strange noises from the furnace might mean defective component, loose wiring, or unbalanced motor. If your furnace is releasing these strange noises, reach out to our furnace replacement team in Mississauga now.

5) If your furnace doesn’t warms your room enough: Your furnace is meant to provide your room a warmth, but if it isn’t doing that work, you definitely need to consider the furnace replacement.

Your furnace not warming up your room as it used to clearly signifies that your furnace requires attention. Yes, you can get it repaired if the repair cost is quite less, but in most cases the repair cost is quite huge. If it is the case with you, replacing your furnace is your ideal choice.

These are the top signs that you must take into consideration when you are trying to figure out if your furnace requires replacement. Of course, with each of these signs, you can go with service or repair and save the replacement cost, but if the cost is so high, and the timeframe of service or repair is frequent, you must consider furnace replacement.

Rest, if you have figured out that your furnace requires replacement, and looking for a reliable service provider, do reach out to our furnace replacement professionals in Mississauga. Our experienced team is always on its feet to provide you with quick & top-notch services. To talk to our team, call us at 416-844-4783.