Furnace repair vs replacementFurnace breaking down in the winters is one of the worst things you can ever imagine. Hence, it’s a must that you keep your furnace maintained before it actually goes down.

However, at certain times when the furnace goes down, homeowners often get confused if their furnace requires repair or replacement. There are certain factors on the basis of which your furnace requires repair or replacement. Our furnace repair Brampton team explains these factors in this blog.

How do you decide if your furnace requires repair or replacement?

Checkout some of the most reliable ways to decide if your furnace requires repair or replacement below.

1) Age of your furnace: Age is one of the most significant factors that decide if your furnace requires repair or replacement. Ideally, if your furnace is more than 15 years old, and if it has started giving issues, you can consider the furnace replacement.

The more your furnace gets older, the less will be its efficiency, which makes it important for you to consider the furnace replacement. Hence, the first factor you need to consider to figure out if your furnace requires repair or replacement is the age of your furnace.

2) Figure out the problem with your furnace: To figure out if your furnace requires repair or replacement, it’s necessary to figure out the actual issue with your furnace. For instance, your furnace definitely requires replacement if it is leaking carbon monoxide gas.

Hence, it’s best to see what the issue is, reach out to the professionals if the extent of the issue is really serious, and then chalk out the ideal solution for the same.

3) Impact on the energy bills: Another major sign of the fact that your furnace requires replacement is when the energy bills of your home increase exponentially.

Increased bills without any increase in load imply the efficiency of the furnace has decreased and the load has increased. As the load is increased, the energy bills would automatically increase and that too in an exponential way.

Hence, if you are noticing an exponential rise in the energy bills without increasing any sort of load or employing any heavy appliance, your furnace might be the culprit and you must consider replacing it.

4) See if the furnace is demanding frequent repairs: Yes, a machine does demand repairs, but if the demands are frequent, your best bet is to replace it.

A furnace is a machine too. It demands repair once in a while is always fair, but if it goes down every now and then, and demands major repair expenses, it’s better to get the furnace replaced.

Hence, give yourself some time and think if your furnace is demanding repairs every now and then? If yes, then our furnace repair Brampton team recommends going with furnace replacement.

5) Checkout if your comfort is compromised: The primary purpose of a furnace is to get heat in the chilly winters. But, your furnace not heating the room enough during the winters implies your comfort is compromised.

And, it’s better to replace the unit if the furnace isn’t fulfilling the task for which it is employed. However, it’s wise to get the unit inspected by professionals. The minor fault might eliminate the need for furnace replacement, while if the fault is major, it can be recognized on time and the unit can be replaced.

The above points will definitely help you out in terms of figuring out if your furnace requires repair or replacement. As mentioned, it’s always best to reach out to professionals to get the correct answer to this question.

If you desire to get more information, or if your furnace requires professional attention, you can count on the HVAC repair service Brampton team of One Touch. Our team would ensure that you get efficient and quick services. To connect with our team and get your furnace attended by the best, contact us at 416-844-4783.