Troubleshooting an overheated furnace

As much as the furnace takes care of you by keeping you warm in winters, it requires your attention too. Specifically, when it gets overheated. Ignoring the furnace overheating is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Ignoring furnace overheating not only means playing with your safety but also increasing energy consumption. Don’t wait to reach out to One Touch HVAC Furnace and heating experts in Mississauga if you notice that your furnace is overheating.

This blog will tell you everything that you need to know about furnace overheat. Also, you will find some useful troubleshoot steps to get rid of furnace overheating. Thus, just hang around!

How to know if Furnace is Overheated?

An overheated furnace always gives you some signs before completely going down. It’s just about recognizing them. You can avoid it going down by taking timely steps when it gets overheated.

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Check out some signs that a furnace gives when it is overheated below.

1) Burning Smell: Whenever a furnace gets overheated, it releases some burning odour. Even when you turn it off and then turn it on, it keeps on releasing a burning odour.

The burning smell is a strong sign of your furnace getting overheated. If you are noticing a burning smell from your furnace, just turn it off and reach out to professionals now.

2) Furnace Making Strange Noises: Agreed, the furnace doesn’t operate silently at all. But if your furnace is making strange noises, something is fishy.

Furnace making strong noises is another strong indication of it getting overheated. Thus, if your furnace is making strange noises, it requires your attention on an immediate basis.

3) Furnace Gets Turned Off Frequently: If your furnace keeps on getting turned off before completing a cycle, your furnace might getting be getting overheated.

When the furnace turns off without completing a cycle, it implies that the high-limit switch has turned off the system. Thus, if you are noticing that your furnace is getting turned off every now and then, don’t wait even for a moment before reaching out to the experts.

Causes & Solutions of Furnace Overheating

Check out some common causes of furnace overheating below.

1) Problems with Airflow: Airflow issues are one of the most common and major reasons for the furnace to overheat. Problems with airflow mean poor air circulation and clearly, it overheats the furnace.

Poor air circulation heats the internal component of the furnace and thus causing the entire system to overheat. Also, inefficient maintenance of an air filter causes the problems in airflow which eventually heats it.

Another reason for the poor airflow circulation is the dust particles getting stuck on the filter. The dust particles hinder the airflow which causes poor air circulation and thus overheats the furnace.

2) Dust Particles: As mentioned, dust particles hinder the airflow which causes the furnace to get heated.

Dust Particles & debris often get stuck on the furnace and thus interfering with the entire working of the system and thus overheating it.

So, the solution to this issue? Keep on cleaning your furnace at regular intervals, and if possible, on a daily basis. The more your furnace will remain safe from the dust particles, the more your furnace will work smoothly.

3) Components Failure: Summers take a heavy toll on the furnace. Sometimes, that toll results in the failure of the component.

Summers often create stress along with wear & tear in your system which eventually causes the system to overheat. Wirings and fans are the primary components that are at risk of getting down due to the heavy toll.

Solution? Try not to use the furnace for a very long period of time. As much as you require rest, machinery requires some well-deserved rest too. Also, whenever you feel like something isn’t going well with your furnace, do reach out to our emergency Furnace Repair team in Mississauga immediately. Ensuring that you get the things repaired immediately will prevent major failure of the components.

4) Short Cycle Problems: This issue arises when your furnace gets turned on and off in a very short timeframe. Switching it on & off every now and then increases stress on furnace motors and thus causes a hindrance in terms of throwing heat everywhere.

To avoid this issue, don’t turn on & off the furnace every now and then. Doing it just gives your furnace stress which eventually overheats it.

5) Age of Furnace: The usual lifespan of a furnace is 15 years. If your furnace has crossed this age, we highly recommend replacing it as now it might not be in its best working condition.

Once your furnace crosses 15 years, the components start wearing off and thus the system gets overloaded and thus overheated.

Replacing your furnace after 15 years will be a precautionary measure to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Furnace is our reliable companion when it comes to getting cosy & warm feelings in chilly winters. However, it requires some care & attention too.

Furnace getting overheated is one of the most common issues. We hope that the usual causes & the solutions we have listed above will help you to get rid of this issue with ease.

If you are seeking any professional assistance for your furnace, our highly rated Furnace repair experts in Mississauga are your answer. To reach out to our team, call us at 416-844-4783. Our heating repair Mississauga team will be quick to visit you, understand your issue, & provide suitable assistance regarding the same.