During cold weather, a furnace is your best buddy. Winter becomes very difficult if your furnace stops working during winter. When the furnace starts giving you trouble, you may think about whether you need furnace repair or replacement. 

One Touch Furnace Repair Brampton team lists some of the reasons that your furnace might need repair.

Top Reasons Your Furnace needs repair

furnace repair in Brampton,Check out the top thing that usually causes the furnace to stop working and thus making your winters difficult to pass by.

1) Problems with Thermostat: Thermostat is one of the most common issues that cause a furnace to stop working. To figure out if the thermostat is at fault, set your thermostat to heat, and set the temperature to fiver degrees more than the room temperature. Check if the furnace comes out.

If you don’t find any issue there, check out the thermostat batteries. If there is any issue with your thermostat battery, the display won’t be showing anything. If you are noticing any such event, clearly thermostat batteries are at the fault.

2) Furnace Filters: If you notice that the furnace is working but not giving the heat as much as it used to, the chances of furnace filters at fault are high. The dirt in furnace filters often restricts the furnace to work inefficiently, thus not throwing enough heat. Also, not changing the filters at regular intervals causes disruption in the working of the furnace filter.

3) Water Leakage: You might be noticing tiny water droplets coming out of the furnace, another common issue in furnaces. Firstly, what are the reasons for these water leaks? Well, anything like plumbing leaks, or humidifiers leaks, etc. are some of the most common reasons for water leakages. If you notice any water leakage in your system, please do shut down the entire system and reach out to our furnace repair Brampton specialists.

4) Uncleaned Air Ducts: If you are noticing certain areas cold in your home even when your furnace is on, chances are high that your air ducts are at fault. Issues with air ducts also increase your electricity bills and that too to a considerable extent. Increased gaps between the air ducts or leaks and unclean air ducts are some of the primary reasons for the air ducts not being able to work efficiently.

5) Problems with Furnace Condensate Pump: The malfunctioning of furnace condensate pump is another common issue that causes the failure of the furnace. If you find that the furnace condensate pump is not in its best working condition, shut down the system completely as it is extremely dangerous for you to make the furnace operate with a defective condensate pump.

To sort out this issue, shut down the system completely and clean it thoroughly. Also, ensure that nothing is stuck in the system. If still not working, do reach out to our experienced furnace repair Brampton team.

6) No Maintenance: You can’t expect your furnace to provide long-term services if you don’t maintain it all. Things like regular servicing and routine cleaning are a must to ensure that your furnace keeps on working for a long time. The more you will take care of your furnace, the more your winters will be warm and cosy.

7) Delaying the Repair: Things like tiny water droplets leakage, or strange noises from the furnace are often neglected by the people. This avoidance often causes the entire furnace system to stop working and thus increases their frustration and expenses later on. Thus, never neglect the unusual behaviour of your furnace and reach out to reliable furnace repair experts in Brampton without any delay.

These are some common reasons that might make your winters tough by not allowing the furnace to work efficiently. We understand the furnace is your best buddy when it comes to dealing with winters. And when it doesn’t work, you need to bid adieu to comfort and warmness. But, with our furnace repair service provider in Brampton, you need not worry at all. If your furnace is demanding attention, do connect with our furnace repair team by calling us at 416-844-4783.