odour from your furnace

Strange odours are one of the biggest signs of the fact that your furnace requires some professional attention. Several times, these odours are harmless, but sometimes these odours might be taking a serious turn too. Our emergency furnace Brampton experts highly recommend not ignoring any of the furnace odours when you experience them.

Next, it’s quite crucial to know these furnace odours and their causes, so that you know \which odours are serious, and which you can afford to take lightly.

What are the common furnace odours?

Below, our furnace repair Brampton team explains some of the most common furnace odours along with their causes. Read them out.

1) Rotten eggs: Furnace releasing odour like rotten eggs is one of the biggest signs of danger. Methyl mercaptan, toxic gas is primarily responsible for making the furnace smell like rotten eggs.

If you experience the rotten egg-like smell from your furnace, turn it off immediately, and get out of your home. Once you are out of your home, reach out to the professionals and get your furnace attended.

Again, never ignore the rotten eggs like smell from your furnace.

2) Metallic odour: Metallic odour usually arises when the wiring inside the furnace starts burning. Short circuits inside the furnace or inner sparks can also cause wires to burn, which eventually makes the furnace release a metallic odour.

Metallic odour is also a serious furnace defect that must be taken seriously. If your nose feels metallic odour, turn off the furnace, and ensure that you get professional help on an immediate basis.

3) The odour of the burnt dust: As unused items invite dust, the furnace invites dust too when it is left unused and not cleaned regularly.

When a furnace is turned on with this dust, it keeps on burning due to the working cycle of the furnace, which releases an unpleasant odour.

If you experience the odour of burning dust, you need not worry much. Just turn off the furnace, clean the furnace thoroughly and turn it on again. The dust odour won’t trouble you anymore.

4) The odour of burning plastic: The failure of a plastic component in the furnace makes it release the odour of burning plastic.

Something like the burning of a circuit board can also release the burning plastic odour. With the burning plastic odour, it is a bit difficult to say if it is serious or not.

However, our emergency furnace Brampton team always recommends not delaying getting the furnace checked as soon as you notice the odour of burning plastic.

5) The strong odour of chemicals: If the ducts of the furnace release strong odours of chemicals, chances are there that the heat exchanger of the furnace is cracked.

The cracking of the heat exchanger releases a smell like formaldehyde which is quite strong.

The strong odour of chemicals is another serious odour that you cannot ignore by any means. If you experience it, turn off your furnace, and reach out to the professionals on an immediate basis.

No matter which odour type, you mustn’t avoid it at all. After all, it’s all about your safety. Get your furnace fixed as soon as you start noticing odour from your furnace. A slight ignorance would make things worse and might even invite disaster.

If you are noticing any odour from your furnace and looking for a reliable option to get that fixed, reach out to our experienced Furnace repair Brampton professionals. Our team will be quick to visit your premises and get your furnace running again, and thus ensuring warm winters for you.

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