furnace noises Imagine chilly winters already giving you a chilly vibe, and your furnace goes down in the middle of the night. No, we don’t want you to imagine the worse, but it is always better to stay prepared for it. You simply cannot afford your furnace to go down when winter is making things tough for you already.

Furnace usually gives some serious signs before going down completely, either in the form of odours or noise.

Our emergency furnace repair Brampton team lists certain furnace noises in this blog that you must not ignore by any means.

Top furnace noises that you must take seriously

So, what are the audible signs that your furnace gives when it is about to go down? Our furnace repair Brampton team answers this question below.

1) Grinding noise from the furnace: The most probable reason for grinding noise in your furnace is an issue with the blower wheel of the furnace. This noise is quite a serious concern, and if you hear it, turn off your furnace immediately and reach out to the professionals to get it attended to.

With grinding noise, the blower wheel might be broken, it might be loose, or the wear and tear might be demanding the blower wheel replacement.

2) Loud popping & unusual noise when you turn on the furnace: If you listen to some unusual and loud noise when you turn on your furnace, it is definitely a cause of concern.

The most common reason for this noise is stubborn dirt on the furnace burners. Dirt on your furnace keeps the furnace burner away from the ignition and hence the gas keeps on forming a cluster.

As the furnace ignites, the formation of a large gas quantity generates a loud popping sound which is also termed mini explosion. This condition is usually a bit dangerous and quite expensive to be repaired.

Another probable reason for this noise type is the expansion of air ducts in your furnace. There are various causes of air ducts expansion.

Both of these causes are quite serious and demands immediate attention from your side. Hence, if you listen to this noise when you turn on your furnace, turn it off and reach out to the professionals on an immediate basis.

3) Chirping noise from the furnace: When your furnace isn’t used for a long time, it starts releasing this noise.

Chirping noise is annoying, and more so when it spoils your winter. However, you can expect this noise to fade away as the furnace machinery starts getting heated up.

Hence, you must test your furnace at least once before winter arrives. However, if this noise refuses to fade even after a while, reach out to the professionals to get it sorted. Certain times loose connections release this noise too.

Fixing this noise is usually an easy deal for professionals.

4) Clicking noise from the furnace: This noise usually comes into the picture when the ignition system is the culprit.

The inefficiency of a spark igniter to ignite the burner often causes the furnace to malfunction and hence releasing the clicking noise. Malfunctioning of the furnace would mean the furnace not starting at all, or the furnace releasing inadequate heat.

Though this noise is not so annoying, it makes your winter uncomfortable as you don’t get heat in winter.

5) Vibrating noise from the furnace: The loose inner or outer parts of your furnace are some of the common reasons for the furnace releasing vibrating noise.

You can try tightening the screws or bolts. However, don’t try to play with any inner part of the furnace or it might invite an electrical disaster. Leave the inner part of the furnace to be dealt by the professionals.

It’s better to get this issue resolved as soon as possible so that the electrical disaster stays miles away from you.

As mentioned, a furnace usually gives certain signs before going down completely. And if you listen to any of the above noises, you must bring them to the immediate attention of the professionals and get them resolved.

If you are listening to any of the above noises from your furnace or if you require any sort of assistance for your furnace, you can count on our emergency furnace repair Brampton team to sort them out efficiently. Our team is always on its feet to provide you with some quick and prompt services. To connect with us, call our team at the contact number 416-844-4783.