How to select the right furnace size for your home?

Buying a furnace is a big thing, and it often makes people scratch their heads. It is confusing because there are several things a person needs to consider while purchasing the furnace. As our Furnace Installation team in Mississauga says, “Choosing the correct furnace size is important to ensure that your winters are cozy and warm”.

Why Choosing the correct furnace size is Important?

You might be wanting to buy a small furnace size, as they save money, but if your home is big, this furnace size might not be able to make heat reach to every corner of the house. Thus, even if the furnace operates the entire day, you might not feel adequate warmth.

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If you select the big furnace size than required, its cycle won’t be regular. It will impact the efficiency of the furnace, increase the energy consumption, and even subside the lifespan of the furnace to a good extent.

Thus, it’s important that you select the correct furnace size for yourself. Choosing the small furnace size might increase your energy consumption bill, yet not provide you with the warmth. While, choosing a large furnace size than required might reduce its lifespan, and ask for frequent maintenance which might increase your expenses.

Factors to Consider for selecting the Correct Furnace Size

To select the correct furnace size, you need to know the factors that you need to consider while selecting the furnace. Our Furnace Installation experts in Mississauga list those factors below. Check them out.

1) Climate: Climate is a very important factor to consider while choosing the correct furnace size. Your climate plays a decisive role in selecting your furnace size.

Thus, whenever you set out to select the furnace, always start with taking climate into consideration.

2) Insulation at Your Home: The insulation at your home also plays a decisive role in deciding the furnace size of your home. If your home incorporates efficient insulation, a small furnace size would do the job for you.

Thus, always check insulation before you set out to select the furnace for your home.

3) Your Home Style: Your home design is extremely important while deciding the furnace style of your home.

The extent to which your home gets sunlight is also important while deciding the furnace size of your home.

Also, the number of floors will play an important role here. For instance, the single-floor house will require a slightly bigger furnace size than a double-floor house (assuming both houses are of equal size).

4) The number of Windows & Doors: The more the number of windows & doors in your house, the more they will leak the furnace heat. Thus, you will require a furnace with more BTUs.

If the number of windows & doors is less, the leak will be less, and the small-sized furnace might work for you. The fewer doors & windows will maintain the efficiency of your furnace as the leaks will be fewer.

5) Home’s Exterior Wall: The fewer are the exterior homes at your home, the lesser will be the size of the furnace that you will require.

6) Secondary Heat Sources: Having a secondary heat source like a gas fireplace, stove, etc. will help to reduce the furnace size.

Thus, if you have a secondary furnace size, you can go with the furnace with fewer BTUs.

7) Your Home Size: This is another important factor that you need to decide when you select the furnace size for your home. A home with a larger space area will require more heat output.

While, if the home area is not large enough, slightly less heat output might work well with you. Always ensure that you keep your home size in mind when deciding the furnace size for it.

Usually, you will require anything between 30 to 60 BTUs per square foot of your home.

As mentioned, as much as choosing the furnace size is important, it is also a head-scratching exercise. From increased electricity bills to inadequate heat, choosing the wrong furnace size will make a lot of things go wrong for you.

However, the above things will make it a bit easy for you to select the correct furnace size for your home. And if you have selected the correct furnace size, and looking for a reliable installation service provider, reach out to our Furnace Installation expert team in Mississauga. Call our team at 416-844-4783 and ensure that you get efficient guidance and services about your Furnace.