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Nothing worse than your furnace going down in chilly winters. Furnace not working with thermostats is one of the most common issues people report in winter. Most of the time it happens when the furnace with the thermostat isn’t used for a prolonged timeframe.

This blog by our emergency HVAC repair Brampton team lists some of the most probable reasons for your furnace not working with the thermostat.

Why doesn’t your furnace work with the thermostat?

So, what are the most common reasons for your furnace not working with the thermostat? Readout the answers to this question below.

1) Wiring isn’t up to the mark: One of the most common issues with the thermostat is the wiring. When there is a mistake in the wiring, or when the wiring goes through wear & tear, the furnace might stop working.

Loose wiring is another common reason for the furnace not working with the thermostat. Hence, if your furnace has stopped working with the thermostat, reach out to the professionals and get the wiring checked.

2) Clogging of air filter: Clogged air filter is another common issue when the furnace stops working with the thermostat.

When the heater doesn’t throw any air when turned on, the clogged air filter is the usual issue.

To recognize if the clogged air filter is the primary issue, checkout the air filter for any sort of dust particles. If you find the filter clogged, get it changed by reaching out to the professionals.

It is always recommended to get the filter checked at regular intervals to ensure that it doesn’t get clogged.

3) Thermostat not working: Thermostats are always an integral part of the furnace. If it stops working, the furnace stops working.

Anything like loose wiring or battery issues (in the case of a digital thermostat) might cause the thermostat to stop working.

Poor installation is another major reason for the thermostat not working. It breaks down the communication between the thermostat and furnace, which eventually causes the furnace to stop working.

4) Blower issues: If you are hearing some weird sounds from your furnace, the furnace blower might be at the fault.

A high-pitched unusual sound from the furnace is a concrete sign of the fact that your furnace blower is at the issue.

Lubrication or a worn belt often causes blower issues. The diagnosis of the issue entirely depends on the extent of furnace blower damage. If you are noticing them, reach out to the technicians and get them sorted.

5) Issues with breakers: Breaker tripping is another common and major reason for the furnace not working with the thermostat.

Hence, our emergency HVAC Brampton experts highly recommend getting the breakers checked at regular intervals and ensuring that they always stay in the best possible form.

With breakers, things can go worse in no time, specifically, if the issue is ignored. However, getting them checked at regular intervals would ensure that all sorts of breaker issues stay away from your furnace.

We hope that you are now clear with some of the most common reasons for your furnace not working with the thermostat. Yes, figuring out the exact issue is always difficult with the furnace, but keeping the above probable reasons in mind would make things easy for you.

It’s always advisable to ensure that you take timely action and reach out to the professionals to get your furnace repaired and hence ensure that no electrical disaster takes place, and your winters are cozy.

If your furnace is down and if you still aren’t able to figure out the reason, you can count on our furnace repair Brampton team to do the job right for you. We won’t only help you recognize the issue, but also fix the same in no time. To reach out to our experienced team, call us at 416-844-4783.