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Keeping your AC well maintained is the best way to ensure that it keeps on running in the best possible form for a long time. However, how do you ensure that your AC stays in the best possible form?

Numerous homeowners fail to maintain their AC, which ultimately results in hindrance to the working flow of AC and degradation of the lifespan, hence making their summer uncomfortable. This blog further lists some of the best tips to extend the life of your AC.

How do you extend the life of your AC?

Checkout some of the best ways to extend the life of your AC below.

1) Don’t miss out on regular maintenance: Regular maintenance is one of the most reliable ways to extend the life of your AC. It would ensure that any faults in your AC are detected before they go worse, hence keeping you away from discomforts and any chances of hazards.

Missing out on regular maintenance implies reducing the lifespan of your AC considerably and inviting a strong probability of electrical hazards. Hence, the first reliable way to extend the lifespan of your AC; never miss out on regular maintenance.

2) Change the air filter: Changing the air filter of your AC is another crucial thing to ensure that it doesn’t get clogged. Letting the AC work with the clogged filter is one of the biggest reasons that can degrade the lifespan of your AC considerably.

The clogged filter overheats an AC and hence breaks it down. Hence, ensure that you get the air filter changed at regular intervals so that the clogging aspect stays away from it. The more you stay attentive to the air filter, the more will be the lifespan of your AC.

3) Don’t run your AC the entire day: No matter how efficient your air conditioner is, it requires some rest too. Letting it run for an entire day or even for a major part of an entire day severely degrades the lifespan of your AC.

Things like turning off your AC while going out or you are in the other room, etc. matter a lot. You can even get the smart thermostat installed as it directly benefits the efficiency of your AC.

4) Upgrading the insulation: Insulation really plays a crucial role when it comes to allowing the AC to work efficiently. Poor or say outdated insulation makes your AC works harder, hence increasing the load and reducing the lifespan of the AC.

Poor insulation degrades the health of both, the motor & compressor in your AC, which is a major drawback when the overall health of AC is considered. Hence, ensure that you keep on upgrading the insulation at regular intervals.

5) Give your AC some space: At several places, shrubs and bushes are surrounding the outdoor unit, which is never recommended. It actually blocks the airflow, which takes a huge toll on the working efficiency of the AC.

Give your AC ample outdoor space to ventilate efficiently. It won’t be affecting the condenser coil and hence allowing your AC to work with the utmost efficiency.

Keeping the above tips in your mind will ensure that your AC stays in the best working condition for the long term.

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