Why does your furnace release burning smell?

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Burning smell from a furnace is not an uncommon thing at all. This burning smell might or might not be a cause of concern. But, how do you know if it is serious? Knowing the source of this burning smell is important to answer the question. Our emergency furnace repair experts in Brampton answer this question in this blog.

Thus, if you are experiencing that burning pungent smell from your furnace, and if you are worried whether it’s serious or not, just read out this blog.

Probable reasons of burning smell from your furnace

Check out the top reasons for you experiencing the burning smell from your furnace below.

1) Wiring system burning: This is the most common reason for you experiencing a burning smell from your furnace. Anything like damaged insulation, or improper placement can cause the wires to burn.

If you feel that wires are burning in your system, you need to take it seriously, as the chances of short circuits increase. If you feel that wires are burning in your system, do reach out to our furnace repair Brampton team now.

2) Burning of the dust: If you experience a burning smell the first time you turn on your furnace, chances are high that it’s all due to the burning of the dust.

Thus, if you experience the burning odour the first time you turn on your furnace, do wait for some time. If this odour is the result of dust, it will dissipate away in some time. If it doesn’t, reach out to the professionals.

3) Clogged filters: Furnace filters are the primary elements when it comes to working as a gateway for the air to enter the system. Things like debris, dust particles, contaminants, and other elements might trap the filter and thus getting the filter clogged.

When filters get clogged, the unreleased air usually releases a burning smell. Most of the time, it’s not serious. You can get it sorted by getting the filter serviced. Also, to ensure that your filter doesn’t get clogged, ensure that you keep on cleaning the filter at regular intervals.

If there will be no dust in the furnace’s filter, it won’t get clogged, and thus apart from getting rid of burning odour, your furnace will also work optimally.

4) Gunpowder: If your circuit board gets overheated, it will release the smell of gunpowder. Well, the burning odour like gunpowder is a serious issue.

If you ever experience it, just turn off the furnace on an immediate basis, and reach out to the professionals. Ensure that you don’t turn on the furnace again till the time an expert visits your premises and get it sorted. Don’t be reckless with your furnace releasing the gunpowder odour at all.

5) Gas leaks: Again, a serious reason for the burning odour! If your furnace releases the smell like that of rotten eggs, it’s time to come out of your home immediately and reach out to the HVAC repair Brampton team.

Gas leaks can cause serious troubles, and sometimes they even turn fatal if immediate actions aren’t taken. Thus, never ignore the rotten egg-like smell from your furnace at all.

These are some top reasons for your furnace releasing a burning odour. Most of them aren’t serious and can be sorted out with little care. However, if any of the last two factors are the reasons for this burning smell, it is a concern for you and immediate action will be required.

Rest, if you are feeling any sort of burning odour from your furnace, or if you are looking for any service for your furnace, do reach out to our Furnace replacement experts in Brampton. Our emergency furnace repair Brampton team will quickly visit your premises and check out the issue thoroughly to provide you with the best solution. To connect with our team, call us at 416-844-4783.