furnace repair in Brampton - types of furnacesYour furnace is undoubtedly the most important element responsible for heating your home and hence, providing you comfort in chilling winter. Hence, it’s necessary to select the right furnace type to ensure that your comfort is by no means compromised.

So, what are various types of furnaces? You must know them to ensure that you select the right option and don’t get confused while purchasing one. This blog explains the different types of furnaces below. Go through them.

Different types of furnaces

1. Gas Furnace

If you are looking for an economical option to go with, the natural gas furnace might be your option to go with. Be it efficiency, cost, or lifespan, you can count on a gas furnace to do the job right for you. A gas furnace is the most used furnace among all the options available, and rightly so.

As mentioned, the gas furnace comes with a longer lifespan and requires extremely less maintenance as compared to other furnace types, which is another major reason to go with the same. When you go with a gas furnace, your budget usually isn’t troubled by any means.

2. Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are not very popular as they need more time to warm up and with very cold Canadian winters this option is less preferred. Electric furnaces require less maintenance but the running cost is higher as electricity is more expensive than natural gas. Moreover, electric furnaces use more energy to heat up as compared to gas.

Thus, due to higher running cost, lower efficiency and higher heating time requirement of electric furnace, it is less preferred to a gas furnace.

3. Oil Furnace

An oil furnace is another cost-effective option that you can go with. You can count on an oil furnace if you are looking for something within your budget, and long-lasting. An oil furnace can last up to 25 years. Yes, the lifespan of an oil furnace is more.

Kindly note that the oil furnace might develop soot and carbon on the heat exchanger surface, which will demand periodic removal. Hence, maintenance of oil furnaces is quite high. An oil furnace can be your replacement for a gas furnace if gas lines aren’t available, or if you don’t desire to go with a gas furnace.

4. Propane Furnace

Last but not least, a propane furnace is another furnace type that you can count on to deliver comfort to your home during winter. Propane furnaces are extremely safe and highly efficient. However, a propane furnace isn’t a cost-effective option, which reduces its popularity to a considerable extent. If you reside in any remote area or an area where there is no gas line yet, a propane furnace might be your ideal choice to go with.

We hope that you are now clear about the various types of furnace options that you have. You can select any of these furnace types depending on your requirements, preferences, and your province’s laws.

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