zoned HVAC system

Having only one thermostat at your home simply won’t solve your problems. Things like the different and unfavourable temperatures at different areas of the home, family members finding it hard to adjust to the temperature, and much more are common and quite difficult to get rid of when you use only 1 thermostat.

This is why our HVAC repair Brampton team recommends employing a zoned HVAC system at your premises.

Most homeowners aren’t yet fully aware of the benefits that the zoned HVAC system comes alongside it. This blog explains them.

What is a zoned HVAC system?

Before diving into the benefits, let’s understand what does the zoned HVAC system means? A zoned HVAC system implies regulation of the heating & cooling system in specific areas of the home.

In other words, a zoned HVAC system implies using the different thermostats in different areas of your home and regulating the heating and cooling system accordingly.

Employing a zoned HVAC system gives you more control over the heating and cooling system as compared to the traditional HVAC system.

Why do we recommend going with a zoned HVAC system?

So, what are the major benefits of a zoned HVAC system? Checkout the answers below.

1) An economical option: If the studies are to be believed, a zoned HVAC system saves around 30% of your electric bills.

With a zoned HVAC system, you can turn off the HVAC system of a specific area or say room when you don’t require it. You get an option to heat or cool the specific area of your home and not the entire home.

This option really saves considerable energy, and hence considerable bills. Hence, a zoned HVAC system is quite an economical option.

2) Longer lifespan: A zoned HVAC unit is normally used less when compared to a traditional HVAC unit. As mentioned, with the zoned HVAC, you can cool or heat the specific areas of your home, and hence its use would be naturally less.

Less overall usage of the zoned HVAC system will definitely increase the lifespan of the unit, which will eliminate your HVAC replacement cost in the long run.

3) Enhanced convenience: We all know the pain and frustration of going down the stairs or climbing them just to change the thermostat temperature, don’t we?

As mentioned, the zoned HVAC system comes with a dedicated thermostat and hence, eliminates this frustration. It purely implies enhanced convenience and more time-saving.

4) Enhanced air quality: Zoned HVAC system prevents the air from one room to enter the other room. Hence, the impurities due to the pet hair, pollens, and much more won’t be spreading in the entire home.

This is one major benefit specifically for the people suffering from the health issues like allergies, asthma, etc.

5) Increased energy efficiency: When instead of heating and cooling the entire home even when it isn’t required, the energy efficiency would automatically increase.

Enhanced energy efficiency would mean a major contribution to our environment, which is much required.

Our HVAC repair Brampton team feels that increased energy efficiency is one major reason why you should go with a zoned HVAC system.

A zoned HVAC system comes with numerous benefits which gives you a concrete reason to employ it in your home.

If you are looking for more information about the zoned HVAC system, or desire to get any professional assistance for the same, you can count on our HVAC & furnace repair Brampton team to do the job right for you.

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