AC is your answer when you want to protect yourself from high temperatures. It is great if you are thinking of installing an AC to give yourself comfort. We understand that hiring a reliable AC Installation service provider might bring a sense of confusion for you. One Touch AC Installation Mississauga team is here to provide a reliable AC installation service in Mississauga & GTA.

AC Installation Mississauga

Air conditioning installation Mississauga - AC Installation Mississauga

One Touch has been providing AC installation services in Mississauga & GTA for 13 years. Experience of this timeframe gives us the benefit of helping you choose the right AC for your home comfort needs.

Our Air Conditioning Installation Mississauga team provides you a new AC installation service. Also, we provide system replacement services. Replacing a system is not easy and requires much time. However, our experts with their deep knowledge of the subject make it easy and less time demanding.

Our AC installation Mississauga team also provides you 24/7 emergency services if any issue arises regarding AC installation after we provide the services. Our after-installation services and before-installation services are always the same as we believe in customer retention. The consistency of our services is a major reason for us retaining majority of our customers when it comes to HVAC Repair & Installation services.

The Work Process of Air Conditioning Installation Mississauga Team

Our structured work process helps us to install your AC with ease and efficiency. Read out our work process underneath.

  1. Analyze: Firstly, our AC Installation Mississauga Team visit you and study your requirements. This helps us to plan the entire installation process.
  2. System Check: If you are about to replace the existing system, our AC Installation team checks the same.  Also, they check out the heating system and thus giving themselves more clarity on the requirements.
  3. Recommending a System: After going through all the requirements, our team recommends the AC models and their capacity. This helps you to figure out which AC model you should install at your residence.
  4. Checking Load: This step helps our Air Conditioning Installation Mississauga team to figure out the amount of AC load the electric panel will be able to hold. This will ensure no undesired events in the future.
  5. AC Installation: After everything is done, our installation team visits you and installs the AC.

Once you trust our services, you become our family. One Touch AC Installation Mississauga team strives to provide you the services exactly according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book my appointment for AC installation?

Just connect with us at the number 416-844-4783 to book your appointment.

Does your 10-year labor warranty apply to AC installation too?

Yes. This warranty applies to our AC installation services too. Once we give you these services, for the next 10 years all your issues regarding your AC installation are our thing to deal with.

Does it take too long for the AC installation process to complete? 

One Touch AC Installation Mississauga team strives to provide you very quick services. However, the AC installation process usually takes 4 to 6 hours. Also, if you are replacing a system, it might demand a bit more time.

My AC is 17 years old. Should I replace it now?

Usually, the lifespan of an AC is 15 years. So, you can consider replacing it. But, before this, we advise you to call us at 416-844-4783 and invite our team to visit you and recommend whether the replacement is needed or not. Our Air Conditioning Mississauga team will check the condition of your Air Conditioner and advise you according to the same.

For more questions, contact the One Touch Air Conditioning Installation Mississauga team now.

One Touch Air Conditioning Installation Mississauga experts are just a call away if you require a reliable AC installation service anywhere in Mississauga & GTA. Also, you can go through our Google reviews that record the experience of customers who used our services.