The comfort that Air Conditioner comes with is simply unmatchable. AC is definitely required to save yourself from scorching heat and give yourself a sense of comfort. One Touch Heating & Air Conditioning provides AC installation services in Brampton, Caledon & GTA.

Our AC Installation Brampton team is just a phone call away if you wish to install AC in a very cost-effective way.

AC Installation Brampton, Caledon & GTA

Some insights on the services we provide as a prominent AC installation service provider are as follows:

  1. Installation of a brand new system.
  2. Replacement of the existing system with a promise of emergency services available 24/7.
  3. AC maintenance and repair services in case you require them after the installation process.

Over the past 13 years, we have worked on various brands of AC which gives us a grip on all brands of Air Conditioners.

One Touch AC Installation Brampton Process

Here’s the process our Air installation Brampton experts follow to install AC to make sure that the entire workflow is transparent to you.

  1. Planning the Process: Firstly, our ac installation Brampton team visits you and plans the entire installation process. We will study your requirements and advise you accordingly.
  2. Checking the existing system: Our Air installation Brampton team thoroughly checks the existing system at your house. Also, they check the heating system if it exists.
  3. Finalizing and advising the system: According to your requirements and the feasibility of your residence, our ac installation Brampton team advises you on the best AC model & capacity for you. This is the most important part of the process. Remember, the selection of a bad AC system can consume more energy, can come with a very less lifespan, can take too much time to cool your home or create other problems for you. Thus, our experts do thorough research and advise you accordingly.
  4. Finalizing the location: One Touch expert will check several factors and make sure that he suggests you the best place to place your AC.
  5. Checking the utility: This step implies measuring the electricity requirements. The electric panel at your residence will be checked thoroughly and made sure that it will be able to hold the AC load.
  6. Installing the AC: Finally, our AC installation Brampton team will visit you and install the system.

Why One Touch for AC Installation in Brampton, Caledon & GTA?

The foremost thing that makes us a great deal for you is the warranty we come with. 10 years of the warranty period is not a factor to neglect at all. Next, HVAC Repair & Installation has been our subject for 13 years now. Thus, any brand, any model of AC is not a new thing for us at all.
ac installation brampton

For us, your satisfaction is utmost important. We strive to be reasonable with our cost and make sure that your pocket isn’t troubled a lot.

Our 24/7 emergency services also make us a contender to be your option when it comes to AC installation.

We come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every work we do. We make your satisfaction a priority and that is why we work on satisfying you and your needs in a very efficient way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeframe after which I must replace my AC?

The usual timeframe before the AC starts wearing out is 15 years. Thus, if your AC is 15 years or old, you can consider replacing your system.

How long will the entire installation process take?

Usually, the installation process takes 4 to 6 hours. Also, it might take a bit more time if you are replacing the old system with a new one or if new wiring is required.

What is the AC Installation cost?

AC cost depends on many factors like brand chosen, AC capacity & other factors. Do contact us at 416-844-4783 to know about our AC installation charges.

Have more questions? Contact the Air installation Brampton expert team now.

We at One Touch strive to work exactly according to your requirements and make sure that you get what suits you the best.

Our AC Installation Brampton experts are keen to communicate with you and provide you with the best quality of services.

You can connect with One Touch at 416-844-4783 to get the most reliable and the most cost-effective AC installation services in Brampton, Caledon & GTA. You can also use the toll-free number 1-866-733-0990 to connect with us.